Tuesday, June 30, 2009

VMWare Server 2 on Gentoo

The ebuild for VMWare Server 2 is (finally) in the main portage tree on Gentoo. I've been running
app-emulation/vmware-server- via the layman overlay for several months now without issues, but I'm happy to see this going more main stream on my linux distro of choice. The new version is app-emulation/vmware-server- The changelog seems to indicate that if you didn't have the latest via layman, you would have seen this package a couple of weeks ago.

This package is (of course) still masked, so to get this package you have to have app-emulation/vmware-server and app-emulation/vmware-modules in your /etc/portage/package.keywords file (like so, or with the appropriate arch tag):


The upgrade was relatively painless via:

emerge -Du world

However, I did a (as instructed but possibly cargo cult) run of:


immediately after the install. I don't know if it was needed. But because I had not stopped the vmware services prior to the upgrade, I could not successfully stop them now, and had to reboot in order to successfully run vmware-config.pl.

If you still want to run the version via layman, or want to stay on the bleeding edge when the next version comes out, I worked from the directions here and here.

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