Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Welcome to the Forage Security Blog

So... I'm blogging. And not only am I blogging, I'm blogging from the international departures lounge of Laguardia airport in NY, NY whilst awaiting my now-delayed-by-more than an hour flight home from my first ever business trip. How exciting. So what if I'm about eight years late to the blogging party? At the pace at which I'm adopting social media technologies you can expect my Twitter feed to launch sometime in 2015 and my facebook page sometime after the sun has burnt down to a cold dark cinder.

Technically this isn't my "first" ever blog post, but it is TEH FIRST POST!!! (sorry - had to) on this site, the Forage Security blog. I intend to use this blog to talk about things I'm working on and rant about whatever is getting under my skin today. Maybe it'll be therapeutic. What sort of things do I work on? Well, as the title might have suggested to you, this blog will largely be about IT security. I've spent the last three and a third years as a researcher for a major North American vulnerability and configuration management company. That's where I did what little previous blogging I have done. It wasn't much. Forage Security is my new gig. I'm trying to go it alone as an independent security researcher and security consultant, wish me luck - I'll need it.

IT Security is a big field and there's enough interesting things going on in the space to keep a lot of bloggers busy, but it's not the only work I do. I'm also a student in the process of wrapping up my Master's "integration project" (hereafter referred to as "my thesis"). So you can expect this blog to touch on a number of specific topics, including Programming Techniques, Software Engineering, Semantic Web Technologies, Ontologies, Python, Django, RESTful architecture, Virtualization, Gentoo Linux, and whatever else happens to pop into my head on any given day.

Well, my flight seems to finally be boarding, so I'll wrap this up.... or not. Apparently this is a game, where the closer it gets to boarding time, the further back the actual boarding time will be pushed. The latest round featured me getting to T -3 minutes, before the flight was pushed back another hour and a half.

BTW there are flies and ants all over the place in Laguardia's Terminal B, it's unpleasant.

Sigh.... got within 10 minutes of departure time and they bumped it back another 15. Finally made it out of there more than three hours late.

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